REVIEWS: Rudolph- On Stage!

“Rudolph-On Stage! Is both timely and timeless.” (Portland Mercury)

Rudolph: On Stage pays loving homage to the longest-running Christmas TV special in history, tugging on deep-seated nostalgia without devolving into schmaltziness” (Willamette Week)

REVIEWS: The Lost Boys-Live!

“…how do you stage a vampire disintegrating in a bathtub of holy water, causing blood and gore to explode from all the pipes in the house? I wouldn’t have known, but I just saw it happen, and it was glorious—the live show treats all of the over-the-top bits from the movie with a hilariously lo-fi hand.” (Portland Mercury)

“…a riotously fun homage” (Willamette Week)


“…witty touches, eager performances, and a contagious sense of balls out enthusiasm, it‟s funny and clever and great. Go. And be nice.”     (Portland Mercury)

“Entirely too many brains for a cast like that.”   (PDX Comedy Blog)

” If you missed Road House: The Play! last year, it may seem unlikely that anyone would think to adapt the gloriously ridiculous film for the stage, but creator Shelley McLendon and co-writer Courtenay Hameister got it exactly right. ”  (Willamette Week)

…” wildly entertaining.”  (

“Live…from PDX! McLendon and Hameister have displayed nothing less than the best of snarky genius in their adaptation. The cast  Bad Reputation has assembled makes you wonder why the hell Lorne Michaels still has a job.” (Portland Picks for Men)

“A cast of local comedy geniuses.”  (Portland Mercury)

“ROAD HOUSE: The Play! packs punches right and left”  (Oregon Music News)

“…delectable.”  (The Oregonian)

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