Photo by Andy Batt

Debuting in October, 2012 to sold out crowds was the staged adaptation of the best movie ever filmed about vampires living in the late 1980’s- THE LOST BOYS (Screenplay by Jefferey Boam).

It returned in fall, 2015 as the inaugural production at Bad Reputation Production’s new home The Siren Theater, and it was glorious.

Adapted to the stage by Shelley McLendon and Courtenay Hameister

Directed by John Breen
Produced by Shelley McLendon, Ted Douglass and Bad Reputation Productions

Music by James Liptak

And starring some of Portland’s smartest and funniest:

Erin Jean O’Regan as Sam

Andrew Harris as Michael

Paul Glazier as David

Shelley McLendon as Star and Lucy

Ted Douglass as Edgar Frog

Jed Arkley as Alan Frog

Wm. Steven Humphrey as Grandpa and Paul

Marshall Bradley as Dwayne

Tony Marcellino as Marko

Janet Scanlon as Laddie

Scott Engdahl as Max

Travis Abels as Nanook and Thorn

Guillermo Martinez as everyone else

People like it:

“it was glorious.”¬† (Portland Mercury)

“a riotously fun homage…” “remarkably resourceful” (Willamette Week)


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