The Aces thank you! And what’s next for Bad Reputation?

Bad Reputation is taking a summer hiatus to come up with the goods for next year:

WINTER 2014  Bad Reputation brings the return of  RUDOLPH ON STAGE! Ticket and show info coming.

SPRING 2015 Have you heard that the geniuses over at the Complete Works Project have gotten just about every theater company in Portland to join forces and  present ALL  of Shakespeare’s works in just 2 years? Well they have. And Bad Reputation has decided to crash the party and give the Bad Reputation treatment to a li’l old play you may have heard of:


In the meantime, check out this awesome article about Shelley McLendon and Bad Reputation Productions written by Portland Monthly’s Aaron Scott! 


Thank you to everyone who made The Aces third show so amazing! We will be back soon…


Photo: Andy Batt




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